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Here at Epilepsy Positivity we are passionate about giving people who are affected by epilepsy the opportunity to be heard. We value the views of our followers and want to make sure everything we do reflects what is important to them. 


We are therefore very keen to get our followers more involved with the work that we do and are excited to be launching a range of voluntary positions this year, as shown on this page. 

Epilepsy Positivity Advisory Group Member 

The Epilepsy Positivity Advisory Group (EPAG) is being set up to help ensure the opinions of our followers guide all future developments within Epilepsy Positivity. We hope that this group will be representative of our online community and support us in making a positive difference to the lives of people affected by epilepsy. 

We are currently recruiting for this role. To apply, fill out the application form and send it to

Epilepsy Positivity Campaigns Assistant 

​Our mission is to support people who are affected by epilepsy, as well as educate the general public. To help us with this, in 2019 we will be running a series of campaigns which will aim to increase awareness and reduce stigma. To help ensure these campaigns reflect what is important to our followers we are currently recruiting assistants to support our campaigns.  As a Campaigns Assistant you will help us with planning (we would love to hear your ideas!) and promoting the campaigns. You will also assist with making the campaign materials and engaging other people within the online epilepsy community. For find out me about our most recent campaign, see here

We are currently recruiting for this role. If you would like to find out more about being a Campaigns Assistant and are interested in applying, please email us at with the subject 'Campaigns Assistant'. 

Support with your own projects

As an Epilepsy Positivity volunteer, we are also happy to support you with your own projects! 

For example, for Valentine’s Day this year, one of our Epilepsy Positivity volunteers (Sagel Panday, Instagram: @epilepsy_awareness15) wanted to gather the experiences of people affected by epilepsy in relationships. To read about the full project, see here.

Further, we helped our wonderful volunteer Lydia run an Epilepsy Q & A, answering questions sent in from our followers:

If you do not wish to commit to one of our voluntary positions, here are a few other ways to get involved with Epilepsy Positivity:

  • Connect with other people affected by epilepsy through our Instagram and Twitter

  • Inspire others by sharing your story online by writing a post for our Blog 

  • If you have experience of epilepsy and mental health problems, perhaps you would like to become involved with our new project 'Minds of Epilepsy' (see blog post here), by sharing your experiences with others. To find out more, check out the Minds of Epilepsy Instagram and Twitter

If you have any questions about one of our roles or would like to suggest an alternative way to get involved, please email us at

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