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Epilepsy Positivity Poetry Competition

In celebration of 4 years of Epilepsy Positivity, on June 18th we hosted a little poetry competition! We asked our followers who are affected by epilepsy to submit their poems on the theme ‘Navigating Life With Epilepsy’. 

We had lots of brilliant entries and it was an absolute joy to read through them all. A group of our wonderful volunteers formed our judging panel and had the difficult task of voting for the winning poem and runners-up.

First place was awarded to the poem ‘The Precious Flower’ by Megan Young. We felt the poem beautifully communicated how hope, strength and resilience can blossom from difficult times in life. We also liked how the poem could also be applied to other chronic health conditions and challenging situations. 

Below are our five wonderful runners-up:

‘I am not a warrior’ - Yarrow Rubin

‘My Journey With Epilepsy’ - Rebbeca Morse

‘Brainstorm’ - Rasheedah Barfield 

By Marika Leigh

‘Running’ - Brianna Edin

We thank everybody who shared their poems. This poetry competition highlighted the incredible amount of talent there is to celebrate within the epilepsy community. We hope that this will be the first of many creative competitions! 

- Epilepsy Positivity 

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