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Jun 18, 2018

Anxiety related to 'seizure anticipation'


I have had epilepsy for several years but still find that during times where I am having frequent seizures I struggle with feeling anxious about 'when the next seizure is going to happen.'


If anyone has any tips on how to cope and manage this anxiety that would be really appreciated.


Thank you.



Jun 18, 2018

Hello Freya,


I really related to this post. For a long time I felt the same and still sometimes do. Something that has helped me is planning my situations in terms of what I could do if I have seizure or feel one coming on (if you have auras). For example in a restaurant to make me feel more comfortable I will sit near the toilets so if I feel one is about to happen I can get myself to a more quiet area (I have partial seizures). Another thing that has helped is being more open about my seizures so people know what to do if I have one. The main thing though (I know this can be hard) is try not to let that anxiety stop you from doing something that YOU want to do. Perhaps try getting professional support or find some alternative help online as well in terms of managing.


I hope this helped.


-Isla G

Jun 20, 2018

Hello again Freya!


Sorry to hear that you are experiencing this but from speaking to other people it seems to be something that quite a few people with epilepsy experience. As Isla says planning situations and talking to others can help. I also found some self-help information in terms of mood on the epilepsysociety website is helpful! Know that we are all here and going through this together!

Jun 24, 2018

I'm struggling with a similar problem! I think mine is mainly because I am scared of how people will rect so discussing it with people you spend time with may help. Also giving yourself to process what is happening may help a bit.

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  • Hi! I was diagnosed with epilepsy at 18, i had two grand mal seizures and was then put on 100mg of lamotrigine. Its now two years later and I haven’t had another, which I’m so thankful for. I know its unlikely I will have another seizure but I worry about it a lot and I’m paranoid that I will. The fear from my seizures has stayed with me but I don’t like to talk about it as I know I’m comparison to others I am so lucky. I am sure as time goes on ill feel better about it all but in a way because i am not having seizures i dont feel like i have the right to feel like this. I was wondering if others have similar feelings around this?❤️
  • I was diagnosed with Juvanile Epilepsy almost four to five years ago and havent had a seziure sense. However, I have come to the assumption that my medications (Keppra and Zarotin) have played a role in being severly fatigued and extremly anxious. I have mentioned this to my *fill in* neurologist. However, nobody seems to want to take action on this. If anyone out there has any suggestions please let me know. Stay Strong. 💋