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'I Am Strong'

Alexandria Lucas:

"My journey of epilepsy...

I was 17 when I had my first seizure, I had just had a day out with my boyfriend at the time and just felt strange I knew I needed to go to hospital I managed to reach A and E when my first episode of seizures happened.

They had no idea what it was due to no indication and I looked like I had a stroke. I had a few in the space of a few hours and my family had to be informed my body wasn’t coping and no family wants to hear that there daughter wasn’t coping with the stress of the seizure and only having 3 possible outcomes. I survived with only minor memory loss.

6 months later (with multiple tests) I was diagnosed with epilepsy. I was 18 at this point and had no idea how to cope as mine was triggered with stress and my life was filled with stress. I had to have a year out of education but after learning how to cope and going from a low dosage to high of lamotrigine. I was finally stable so, I went back to my studies.

I am now 23 in university doing architecture every so often have auras of a seizure but never have one. I can proudly say I have fought to be where I am with my busy lifestyle but I’ve had help from my family, friends, boyfriend and the epilepsy team.

This photo reminds me that I am strong and have got through years of being seizure free."

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