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'Epilepsy hasn't stopped me living my life'

Katherine Blanchette:

"Hello. 8 years ago I had my first seizure, it happened when I was sleeping. my husband said I grunted, rolled out of the bed, and started seizing. I woke up on the gurney and was rushed to the hospital. Then 7 years ago I had my second husband said I got out of bed, tried walking, pulled the closet door down and started seizing. I finally got put on seizure medication and nothing since. I have had a CT scan and 2 MRIs and 2 eegs which showed nothing so I still don't know what caused my seizures.

Hello. I have attached a recent photo of myself. I had grand mal seizures that make me go unconscious and have no recollection of anything. After my second seizure I asked my husband, who are you which was really weird. My high points is knowing that while seizures are scary, my life doesn't revolve around them. My low point is that I still don't know what caused my seizures so there is a worry even though I am on medication, that I could have another one. My hope for the future is to finish my college degree and grow as a person."

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